Emma’s Engagement (Sep-2022)


Finally in her new home after what felt like years walking the Oregon Trail, Emma Williams is excited to be courted by Jared, a man she’s loved from afar since they set out on their journey. They are compatible in every way but one, and she fears that one way will make him break off their courtship.

Jared Appleby is a hard-working man, intent on starting the largest ranch in the west with the help of his father and two brothers. He’d lost his mother along the trail, and his sister—who is a newlywed—has been cooking for his family and her new husband. He knows that him marrying will not only take some of the pressure off his sister, but it will make his life better.

Emma and Jared have had feelings for one another since before their journey began. Now that the journey is over, will he be able to see past her shortcomings to the wonderful woman she is? Or will their marriage be doomed from the start?

Series Clover Creek Community
Book Number 1
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