Stanley’s Bride


Sadie Beckham missed her best friend, Grace, terribly. Her friend had gone to a town in the west called Clover Creek as a mail-order bride, and though Sadie knew Grace was looking for a husband for her, it seemed it would never happen.

Stanley Gabriel had lost the love of his life, leaving him with three small children. His mother helped as much as she could, but it was difficult to be a full-time farmer and a part-time father. He needed someone who would marry him in name only. Someone he would never love.

When Sadie received a telegram from her friend Grace inviting her to come to Clover Creek as Stanley’s mail-order bride, Sadie jumped at the chance. Upon meeting him, she was unsure she was doing the right thing.

Together, Sadie and Stanley must find a way to create a family full of love. Sadie was certain Stanley could ever love again.
Would she be able to convince him that he both loved and needed her? Or would Sadie spend the rest of her life in a loveless marriage?

Series Clover Creek Community
Book Number 7
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