Vicki’s Vows (Nov-2023)


Vicki Williams meets the man of her dreams in church one Sunday. The only problem is he has to go all the way to Oregon City and come back before they can even court. But he promises her he’ll be back in the spring.

John Abbot returns to Clover Creek as soon as the snow melts. The journey seems to take forever as he knows Vicki is waiting on the other end. One of the first things he does upon arriving in Clover Creek is to call on her and ask her father if he could court her.

Their romance is a whirlwind, as he is working to complete his house and have it ready for his new family.
But once they marry, she admits she doesn’t know if she loves him. He’s not sure their marriage will ever work unless she does.

Series Clover Creek Community
Book Number 6
eBook Price $2.99
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