Anxious in Atlanta (Apr-2017)


Jean Winters is a hard-working twenty-first century stock broker, spending all her time building wealth for others. She’s worked sixty hour weeks since graduating from college, and she’s realizing that life is passing her by. After attending her college roommate’s wedding in Wyoming, she decides that she wants to employ the services of Matchrimony, the same service her roommate used, to find herself a husband. Skipping the whole dating mess and meeting at the altar sounds perfect for a busy professional.

Dillon Jeffries has always known that he would inherit a great deal of money someday, and he’s worked hard to create a business he’d be happy to sink that money into. His enterprise of restoring old homes to their former glory keeps him as busy as he could ever want to be. When he hears the terms of his great-uncle’s will, he’s flabbergasted.

The man had never married, but the terms of his will insist that Dillon marry within three months of his uncle’s death to receive his inheritance. Will Dillon be happy married to the woman Dr. Lachele chooses for him? Or will he spend his life wishing for something that would never be there?

Series At the Altar: Four Corners
Book Number 11
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